Sport'n'Action Waihi


Waihi Recreation & Community Centre Project

Vision for the Recreation and Community Centre

The Waihi Recreation and Community Centre at Morgan Park is intended to cater to the needs of the entire community. It is a place to exercise for health and vitality, and to meet and socialise with friends and family. It is a place to be competitive, as well as a place to play, or simply sit and relax.

A key objective of the Recreation and Community Centre will be to assist in the achievement of wider social objectives through the varied programmes and activities that will be undertaken there.

The Centre and the park will also form part of a linked network of reserves providing extensive recreational and leisure opportunities for the community.

How long has the idea been around and where did it come from?

Discussions began in the late seventies and early eighties. Early informal concepts focussed on a new indoor complex to replace the old Drill Hall. The complex was to incorporate the amenities currently found in the Waihi Sports Centre plus a full sized court for basketball, netball, volleyball, roller skating and badminton.

The Waihi College gym was built in 1976 addressing some of the needs of this original concept. However the eighties saw a remarkable growth in indoor sports and Waihi boasted strong basketball, indoor cricket, indoor soccer and volleyball competitions for that period.

Roller skating boomed in the Drill Hall but the facility was showing its age and inadequacies. In 1995 The Drill Hall was demolished and replaced by the Waihi Events Centre on the same site. The Drill Hall replacement sparked new debate regarding a two court stadium on Morgan Park and the original Waihi Sports Centre concepts were re-visited.

The current era - how did we get here?

In 2002 it was proposed that NWG enter into a consultation process with people of Waihi regarding Golden Legacy proposals for the future of Waihi. In May 2003 a public meeting resolved to set up the Waihi Community Consultation Committee (WCCC). This was made up of 23 people representing 18 community perspectives.

The purpose of the WCCC is to:

“Liaise with and to make recommendations to, the mining company and the District and Regional Councils, on historic and current issues and future planning, to ensure:

• A healthy future for Waihi;

• The gaining and maintaining of positive relationships community wide;

• The environmental, cultural, economic and social viability and stability of the area; and

• The preservation and enhancement of the heritage of Waihi”.

The concept of a revamped sport and recreation delivery in Waihi was floated with the WCCC (now WCV) and tested against community values and feasibility. It was given a clear directive to proceed and the sub-group was charged with exploring the feasibility of a combined sporting and recreation facility for Waihi. The sub-group first met in July 2004 and held about 20 meetings including some 140 people from 35 interested groups. They brainstormed, shared ideas and listened to presentations from Regional Sports Trusts (RSTs) and other existing combined sports facilities.

The group became the Sport‘n’Action Waihi Trust in September 2005


Initially 14 groups signed up.

They were;

  1. Hauraki District Council
  2. Waihi Memorial RSA
  3. Waihi Squash Club
  4. Waihi Tennis Club
  5. Waihi Netball Club
  6. Waihi Football Club
  7. Waihi Amateur Athletic Club
  8. Waihi Mountain Boarding
  9. Waihi Bowling Club
  10. Waihi Basketball Association
  11. Waihi Dirt Track Club
  12. Waihi Inline Hockey Club
  13. Waihi Walking Group
  14. Thames Valley Pony Club