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December 2012 Newsletter

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The final S’n’A User Group meeting for the year was held the on Monday 3rd December.

Attendees; Liz Jackson - Croquet, Al Stevens - Bowls, Sue O’Brien - Tennis, Jennifer Chappell, Brendon Atkins - Netball, John Evetts - Dirt Track, Leon Sharp - Squash/Fire Brigade, Helen Hunt - Badminton. Viv Barakat - Mountain Boarding, Pauline Davies  - S’n’A Sport Co-ordinator, Tanya McCowatt - S’n’A Trustee, Harry Shepherd - S’n’A Trustee & HDC, Chris Evetts - S’n’A Trustee, Gary Samson  - S’n’A Trust advisor, Mark Skinner - S’n’A Trust advisor & PDT, Mark Samson - S’n’A Trust Chair & PDT, Steve Fabish - PDT & HDC, Tonia Williams - Guest from Visitor Solutions.

We heard updates from our fundraiser groups…

Scrap metal collection is going well. Call Brendon on 021 902 730 if you have any scrap metal to donate.

Wine sales are ticking over. Get your Christmas cheer from Sue 863 8450.

Housie is finished for this year having raised $1,600. Well done Al. Housie will start up again in the Autumn of 2013.

Tonia Williams from Visitor Solutions gave an outline of the work she will be carrying out on our behalf over the next few months. Tonia is collecting detailed data from members and other stakeholders for input to the next level of design. With this information we will be able to give the architects and civil consultants a design brief that will enable them to produce more detailed plans. With these plans we’ll be able to produce a more accurate QS and more realistic costs. We’ll use these costs in our applications to the major funding partners in 2013.

HDC Councillor Harry Shepherd announced to the group that HDC has made significant funds available to the project. The Waihi Ward will contribute $500,000 from its Community Facilities Fund. $45,000 of that is available immediately for the next phase of work, being; data collection, design brief, quantity surveying, costing, architectural and civil design.Councillor Shepherd stressed that this contribution was being made from the “Waihi Community Facilities and Recreational Development Fund” and therefore would have no impact on rates.

2012 Highlights & Milestones

There has been significant progress made toward our goals this year. Some of the milestones and achievements have been;

• Receipt and adoption of the Master Plan and Feasibility Study (with Road Map) from Visitor Solutions

• Establishment of the Project Development Team

• Establishment of the User Group

• Funding strategy development

• Green Plan refinement

• Closer relationship developed with HDC

• Next level Statements of Commitment signed

• Two new member organisations signed up. Waihi Fire Brigade and Rugby League

• Submission made to HDC LTP

• $270,000 pledged to project from Waimata Public Hall Association and promissory note signed

• Local fundraising initiatives started – approx. $4,500 raised

• Site geotechnical survey and report completed

• Site topographical survey completed

• A3 Brochure developed and distributed

• Business cards printed and distributed

• Web site developed and published

• Significant newspaper coverage achieved

• Regular newsletters circulated

• Ten stakeholder presentations made

• Preliminary talks initiated with major funders

• Project Overview document completed

• Eight letters of support received from Waihi, Waihi Beach and Regional Sports Trusts

• $500,000 contribution made by HDC

• $45,000 of HDC contribution available immediately for design detail work

• Design detail process initiated with Visitor Solutions.

Our next major goal is to submit a funding application to The NZ Lotteries Commission for the next intake of February 16th 2013.

The success of this project relies on input from all of you. This year has seen a significant increase in involvement from the membership, which has helped us get to where we are now. The User Group, The PDT and the S’n’A Trust have worked extremely well together and collectively lifted the project’s profile and level of community support during 2012.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who has made a contribution this year – your input makes a difference – and I look forward to your continued support in 2013.

Kind Regards

Mark Samson

Chairperson - Sport’n’Action Waihi Trust

Perseverance: “It always seems impossible until it's done.” Nelson Mandela 

Hauraki District Council commits significant funds to project

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At the November 26 full HDC meeting the Council resolved to make a significant financial committment to our project. Council also resolved to enter into a management agreement with the Sport 'n' Action Waihi Trust to progress further funding and design detail.

See resolutions below...


The Community Services Manager has reported on the Sport 'n' Action Trust request for funding support for the two stages of the Recreation and Community Centre Project.


THAT the report be received, and

THAT Council fund $455,000 towards Stage 1 of the Waihi Recreation and Community Centre Project, and

THAT the funding be sourced from the Waihi Community Facilities and Recreational Development Fund, and

THAT Council in conjunction with Waihi Sport N Action Trust, develop a management agreement for the Waihi Recreation and Community Centre Project, and

THAT Council recommends to the next incoming Council that it considers including funding in the next Long Term Plan towards Stage 2 of the Waihi Recreation and Community Centre Project, and

THAT Council recommends to the next incoming Council that it considers undertaking a District Active and Leisure Strategy.

12/ Milner/Leonard CARRIED


In addition to the $455,000 towards Stage 1, Council had already approved $45,000 for the work necessary to achieve the next level of design detail.

Design Development work underway

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On Monday 3rd December Tonia Willaims from Visitor Solutions began work on the next phase of design for the Waihi Recreation and Community Centre.

Tonia is capturing more detailed data about the specific requirements of each and every member organisation and this information will feed the design brief for the architects and civil engineers. This time around the feedback you give Tonia will be signed off by your representatives or committee so that should personnel change within your organisation we have a clear record of your agreed requirements.

Tonia conducted a number of interviews on Monday and Tuesday, however there are still a couple of clubs who need following up, so she will make contat with you in the very near future. This is a very important piece of work and it is imperative for the future of your code that all member organisations participate fully in the process.

Public Meeting Presentation

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Last night (Thursday, 10 May) I presented to the public meeting held at the Salvation Army Hall, hosted by the Waihi Community Vision group. The meeting was open to everyone and its purpose was to bring people up to speed with both the Waihi Recreation and Community Centre project and the Gold Discovery Centre project.

About 100 people attended and our presentation seemed to be very well received. You’ll be pleased to know that after the presentation we were pledged another $1,000 (from a non sporting code person). I think the spirit in which the money was promised is very encouraging for our fundraising team.

USER GROUP MEETING: 5:30 Monday 28 May @ the Croquet Clubrooms


Significant Donation to Project

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07 May 2012

John Drent from the Waimata Hall group announced at last night's S'n'A Member workshop that they would like to pledge $270,000 from the sale of Waimata Hall to our project.
This is a significant ‘kick-start’ to achieving our funding goals as it represents almost 10% of our Stage 1 costs.
Many thanks to John and Des for their considerable generosity and support.

To date the project has attracted important seed funding from:
  • Newmont Waihi Gold
  • Hauraki District Council - Waihi Ward
  • Members' loans and donations.

All of these contributions have been gratefully recieved as they've made it possible to get the project to its current strong position.

The Sport'n'Action Waihi Trust is extremely appreciative.

Mark Samson
S'n'A Waihi Trust Chairman

Newsletter 08 May 2012

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22 people attended the workshop facilitated by the S’n’A Project Development Team (PDT) on Monday 7th May at the Waihi Sports Centre. Most Morgan Park and Events Centre users were represented and they were updated on progress along our “road map” with information from the PDT sub-groups on;

Funding investigations M Skinner

Project Overview / Detailed Business Plan development M Skinner

Individual agreements with Member organisations T Clarke

Green Plan optimisation work M Samson

HDC involvement in the project. S Fabish

Our timeline for these streams of work is tracking well;

End April: Working Groups meet and develop work plans DONE

Early May: Member workshop DONE

End June: 90% User Agreements signed UNDER WAY

Funding package assembled UNDER WAY

Green Plan “wants and needs” data collected TBC

End July: Preliminary Project Overview / Business Case draft UNDER WAY

In relation to this, your organisation can expect to be contacted over the next few weeks by the PDT sub-groups for your input.

There were two other significant milestones achieved at the workshop.

1) DONATION: The Waimata Hall group attended (John Drent & Des Mulhern) and John announced that they would like to pledge $270,000 from the sale of Waimata Hall to our project. This is a significant ‘kick-start’ to achieving our funding goals as it represents almost 10% of our Stage 1 costs.

Many thanks to John and Des for their generosity and support.

2) USER GROUP: The meeting decided that it would be a good idea to form the “User Group” as suggested in the Master Plan and Feasibility Study. The user group will;

a. Provide advice and recommendations to the S’n’A Trust and PDT

b. Be the main point of contact with your organisation for the project

c. Be part of a collective local fund-raising effort for the project.

It is recommended that each Member Organisation nominate two representatives for the User Group – they do not need to be office holders, but do need to be enthusiastic supporters of the project. Please see the list (over) of User Group members as understood from the meeting. Please email me any modifications or additions to the list that your club may have.

USER GROUP MEETING No1: 5:30pm Monday 28 May 2012 @ Croquet Rooms

Kind Regards

Mark Samson

Chairperson - Sport ’N’ Action Waihi Trust

Newsletter 02 April 2012

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Dear Sport ‘N’ Action Member

At the last Sport’n’Action Waihi Trust meeting (12 Mar. 2012) we discussed the idea of forming a Project Development Team (PDT) as suggested in our Feasibility Study. The PDT would be responsible for carrying out some of the bodies of work as outlined in our “Road Map’, and be made up of people with expertise in the appropriate fields. The idea was supported by the Trust and Trustees also offered to join the PDT Working Groups where they could.

Three main bodies of work have been identified for progression simultaneously, they are;

• Funding investigations

• Detailed Business Plan development

• Individual agreements with Member organisation

The Trust sought expertise in these areas and is pleased to name the following as your Project Development Team;

• Mark Samson (co-ordinator and S’n’A Chair)

• Mark Skinner (Funding) with Tanya McCowatt & Eddie Morrow

• Eddie Morrow (Business Plan) with Visitor Solutions & Mark Skinner

• Tim Clarke (Agreements) with Harry Shepherd & Des Mulhern

• Steve Fabish (Hauraki District Council.

Outside of the PDT we will be running another team who’s role will be to collect and collate “wants and needs” data from clubs and user groups for the purpose of developing a detailed design brief. Simon Lovell and Gary Samson will head this tea

Our immediate timeline for these streams of work is;

End April: Working Groups have met and developed work plans

Early May: Member workshop (to meet the teams & share their plans)

End June: 90% User Agreements signed Funding package assembled User group “wants and needs” data collected

End July: Preliminary Business Case developed.

Please feel free to call to arrange an individual presentation or informal discussion with your club if you have any queries.

Kind Regards

Mark Samson

Newsletter 20 Feb. 2012

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Dear Sport ‘N’ Action Member

On Tuesday 31st January 2012 the Sport ‘N’ Action Waihi Trust (S’n’A) met with the S’n’A members to present and discuss the completed “Waihi Recreation and Community Centre Master Plan and Feasibility Study.

We presented ‘Option Green’ and discussed cost, staging, governance and the road map for moving the project forward. Thank you all for the good attendance and the healthy discussion.

Since that presentation we have been invited to speak with the Waihi Rugby Club (13 Feb.) and a full Hauraki District Council meeting (15 Feb.). Both presentations were well received and generated good discussions. Thank you to Mark Skinner, Des Mulhern and Max McLean for supporting these meetings.


Mark Samson and Mark Skinner, representatives of the Waihi Sport ‘n’ Action Trust were in attendance to present an update on the status of the proposed sports facility in Waihi – (Waihi Recreation and Community Centre). They also presented the master plan and feasibility study undertaken on the project. The representatives requested Council’s support in principle for the proposal as it is on Council owned land.

RESOLVED THAT Council supports ‘in principle’ the Waihi Sport ’n’ Action Trust proposal for a sports facility on Morgan Park.

12/35 Shepherd/Tubman CARRIED

The Trust is available to meet with your organisation any time as we move to a phase of closer and more detailed discussions with future users of the proposed facility. Please feel free to call to arrange a presentation/discussion with your club.

Kind Regards

Mark Samson

Newsletter 20 Jan. 2012

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Dear Sport ‘N’ Action Member

On Monday 16th January 2012 the Sport ‘N’ Action Waihi Trust (S’n’A) met to discuss the completed “Waihi Recreation and Community Centre Master Plan and Feasibility Study.”

The Trustees had read and considered the report and its recommendations over January and at the meeting passed the following motion


Following a presentation/discussion with Craig Jones of Visitor Solutions regarding the Master Plan and Feasibility Study for the Waihi Recreation and Community Centre, it was motioned;

1) That we accept receipt of the draft document. Moved: Harry Shepherd – Seconded: Tanya McCowatt. CARRIED

2) That this be edited after Trustee feedback and finalised by Craig Jones (VS). Moved: Tanya McCowatt - Seconded: Simon Lovell. CARRIED

3) That the recommendations as listed on pg 2 of the draft document be adopted. Moved: Harry Shepherd – Seconded: Mark Samson. CARRIED.

At the same meeting Mark Samson was elected Chairperson of the Sport ‘N’ Action Waihi Trust. As per my last Update newsletter (22/12/11) it was confirmed that the S’n’A Trust will present the final Feasibility Study and a concrete course of action to its Members at a workshop to be held on Tues 31st January, 5.30pm at the Golden Legacy Centre, Moresby Av

All member clubs are invited (and encouraged) to attend. We look forward to seeing you there. See below for the full list of Feasibility Study recommendations.

Kind Regards

Mark Samson


1. That the Sport ‘N’ Action Trust should, after discussions with its members and on seeking legal advice, review and change its structure and constitution, taking account of the study finding

2. That the Sport ‘N’ Action Trust establishes a project control group (PCG) to drive the project’s implementatio

3. That the Sport ‘N’ Action Trust and its member and partner organisations should adopt the master plan ‘Option Green’ as a basis for further planning and optimisatio

4. The Trust should enter into discussions with Hauraki District Council (Council) to explore a potential partnership approach and to make sure that Councils Reserve development requirements will be meet by the Trus

5. That detailed negotiations commence with potential member and partner organisations around planning and implementation issues. These negotiations should also consider high-level points that will become part of user group agreement

6. The Trust should approach the RSA and any similar organisations within Waihi and begin more detailed discussions about their potential involvement in the project.

Newsletter 22 Dec. 2011

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Dear Sport ‘N’ Action Member

On Wednesday 21st December 2011 the Vision Waihi Trust (VWT) presented the completed “Waihi Recreation and Community Centre Master Plan and Feasibility Study” to the Sport ‘N’ Action Waihi Trust (S’n’A).

As you will be aware the VWT had commissioned Auckland based Visitor Solutions to carry out this work and after many stakeholder meetings and workshops over the past seven months they have produced a very worthwhile and realistic document. It makes logical recommendations based on their experience and your feedback, and provides a road map to enable S’n’A and it’s members to progress this exciting project. We understand that some codes are very anxious to see concrete progress with this project, so it was decided that the course of action from here would b

1. S’n’A Trustees will read and thoroughly digest the feasibility study over the holiday break.

2. Mon 16th January - Trustees will meet again to discuss the report and formerly adopt its recommendations. They will also elect a new chairperson and decide on a governance structure. This meeting will be followed by a Trustee workshop with Visitor Solutions to answer any final questions and agree on a plan to move forward.

3. Tues 31st January – The S’n’A Trust will present the final feasibility study and a concrete course of action to its Members at a workshop facilitated by Visitor Solutions. Members will be able to take the report away to discuss with their respective code

The presentation of the Master Plan and Feasibility Study report marks a key milestone in this project’s progress. We trust you will find it informative, inspirational and helpful in moving our project to the next level.

Kind Regards

Mark Samson

Sport ’N’ Action Waihi Trust