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The Long Term Game Plan 

The Long Term Game Plan for the Waihi Recreation and Community Centre project will see the development of high quality Hub facility at Morgan Park, the re-development of playing surfaces and the development of an appropriate multi-use indoor facility. This plan is identified as ‘Option Green’ in the Masterplan and Feasibility Study

The project as a whole is intended to cater to the needs of the entire community. It will create a place to exercise for health and vitality, and to meet and socialise with friends and family. It will be a place to be competitive, as well as a place to play, or simply gather and relax. 

A key objective of the Centre will be to assist in the achievement of wider social objectives through the varied programmes and activities that will be undertaken there. All groups involved with the project acknowledge the benefits of consolidating the area’s fragmented facilities, that currently house single sports codes and community groups, into a more community, multi-use / multi-sport environment. 

A high quality community and multiple sport / recreation facility is considered to be beneficial, in that it will potentially help grow and develop all participating groups, while offering maximum operational cost-savings and increased revenue generating opportunities. 

After considering all of the information at hand, the S’n’A Trust has decided that it would be appropriate to take a staged approach to delivering the Long Term Game Plan. This is believed to be a viable and practical approach to achieving the objectives and significant community outcomes associated with the project. 

The proposed staging for the project is broadly based on the following model of implementation: 

Stage One: 

The redevelopment of Morgan Park playing surfaces with relocated interim shared facilities and remedial site works and landscaping. 

Stage Two: 

The construction of the Hub building facility including a reception area, social facilities, squash courts, gym, multi-use code operating spaces, changing rooms, showers and toilet facilities, storage, car parking, access roads, landscaping and walkway connections. 

Stage Three: 

The construction of a multi-use indoor facility to cater for a variety of indoor activities currently not satisfactorily provided for at the Waihi Events Centre. 

Importantly, for such sports as Basketball, Badminton and Netball it is the intention of the S’n’A Trust to retain the Waihi Events Centre as a key component for the delivery of indoor sports to the Waihi community. The Green Plan proposal to enlarge the facility has been rejected by the current users and this decision is supported by the Trust. The Waihi Events Centre will continue to be managed by the Trust.